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Fun Fact! Easter Island is so named because it was "discovered" on an Easter Sunday. (Rapa Nui is actually believed to have first been settled around the time of Hawaii, between 300 and 1200, by possibly the ballsiest people since the Basques--the island, which they would have reached via CANOE, is over 1,200 miles away from the next inhabited one (Pitcairn), and over 2,000 from its closest mainland neighbor, Chile).

All of the installed Moai (about half of those discovered are still in the quarry where they were carved) face inland, their backs to the ocean. Some speculation as to why centers around the belief that the islanders thought their ancestors' souls resided beyond the sea, and they could be channeled through the stone sculptures. (Although the Moai are famous for being the Easter Island "Heads," they're actually full bodies, kneeling. Since they're so heavy--the biggest is 82 tons!--the majority of them have sunk into the ground under their own weight, up to their shoulders or chins).


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