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The Children's Crusade may or may not be a real thing that really happened, but one can dream. The Crusades themselves (which were very real, there were nine between 1095 and 1272) were mainly European conquests aimed at conquering, re-conquering, or holding onto the city of Jerusalem; because, you know, Jesus. The only problem was that in addition to Christianity, Judaism and Islam also had legitimate religious claims to the in short there were a lot of really unhappy people and a bunch of fighting for a very long time, and even today.

At any rate, the Children's Crusade is apocryphal at best, and totally made up at worst. There's even an argument that the Children's Crusade is connected to/associated with/inspired by the Pied Piper of Hamlin, insofar as they both happened around the same time and a bunch of children never returned home as a result (hence why the Piper appears in the last panel on this page!)

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