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Full disclosure: I attended a Jesuit (read: Catholic) college for my undergrad and, while very secularized, they still required one Religious Studies class in order to graduate. I chose The Old Testament, taught by a lovely, totally insane woman who wished us "Good Morning" at 4 in the afternoon every Monday and Wednesday (a few years later she shaved her head and moved into her faculty office with her dog). That class was AMAZING. And everything I learned from it is the basis for both the Christianity-laden portions of the Apocrypha and this conversation with the cute Jehovah's Witness; although--and I cannot stress this hard enough--this argument is NOT what we were supposed to learn in that class. We learned that King David did NOT live up to the promise of his youth.

So I'm not saying this argument is correct, or that all of the dogmatic facts come from an unbiased (read: sane) source. All of the historical stuff is totally researched, though. You guys remember the Etruscans?! They were cool. And then they were slaughtered.

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