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Can we talk about about Napoleon for a minute? And not just because he was 5'6'', which would have actually made him rather tall for his era. During Napoleon's quest to conquer everything the the light touches, he found himself in Egypt, where he found himself in love with a certain obelisk he came across. He gave the orders, it was draped across two ships, sailed back to Paris and erected in Place de la Concorde.

...or so the legend goes. It breaks my heart to admit that isn't the entire truth, and that Napoleon was already dead when Egypt gifted two 250-ton obelisks from the Temple of Luxor (previously mentioned), depicting the life of Rameses the Great, to France in the 1830s; presumably under the caveat that France would need to transport the goods themselves, assuming the task wouldn't be feasible and the artifacts would be left where they were.

You may have noticed that, a) There is currently only one obelisk at the Temple of Luxor these days, and b) There most definitely is an Egyptian artifact standing over 75 feet tall in the middle of Paris covered in hieroglyphs about Rameses II. That is because it was, in fact, transported to Paris via two ships: the Luxor, which was built specifically to be able to carry the 250 ton weight without sinking, and the Sphinx, who helped tow the weighed-down Luxor. Still impressive, but still not enough Napoleon craziness.

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