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WAIT A MINUTE, I can hear all you guys shouting, WHERE'D THE CLOUDS GO?!

I tried a couple of different ways to render them on this page, but they were just too distracting on the bottom two tiers and made the sky look really ominous and dark; which is the total opposite of what the weather is supposed to be in this scene. So now the wind has shifted and made everything hazy and yet really sparkly and bright. You know those days? Those days where the sky is all overcast but you're still squinting up a storm? That's what Rockall's like, all the time. Haha!

Am I brave enough to ride my bike into town this afternoon? It's a beautiful day, but Dumpsterbike is probably older than I am and, as you've probably guessed, was rescued from a dumpster. ADVENTURE TIME!

Uploaded by thesnowybiscuit at 01:15 on 03 April

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