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Fun story about that top right panel: originally it was supposed to be another mid-shot of Tommy and Muirinn, but that was getting monotonous so I changed things up! Unfortunately, I write out all of my dialogue around the same time I ink panel borders, so words and boxes are all laid out before I even start penciling on my final piece of Bristol board. So, long story short, I had to draw and ink things all over that panel and piece everything together later in Photoshop (I am miserly and don't like wasting a page of paper if I can help it). The roof of the house and the stone walls were (mostly) in the right place, but I had to draw Tommy and Muirinn in the very middle of the square, leaning on nothing in the middle of the yard, haha! It looks silly on the original artwork.

Also, Bridget Cleary--true story but total mood killer :(

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